3-Pcs Traveling Edition: Blood Pomme


RM 130.00

New and improved best seller Traveling Edition makes a comeback with new material that falls nicely on the body and does not need extra effort as it is anti crease. This look is so minimalist and effortless yet still chic and evergreen.

– Relaxed fit
– Long sleeves

– Round neckline
– Sleeveless
– Unlined
– Relaxed fit

– Elastic waistband
– Unlined
– Wide leg



Your Ghaania product should be dry cleaned to preserve their quality and colour vibrancy.

The Ghaania touch
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Shoulder x Bust x Length of Sleeves x Length of Cardigan x Armhole

– UK 8 (36cm x 81.5cm x 48cm x 93cm x 40cm)

– UK 10 (37cm x 86.5cm x 48cm x 93cm x 42.5cm)

– UK 12 (38cm x 91.5cm x 49cm x 95cm x 45cm)

– UK 14 (39.5cm x 97.5cm x 49cm x 95cm x 47.5cm)


Shoulder x Bust x  Length of Inner x Armhole

– UK 8 (36cm x 81cm x 61cm x 40cm)

– UK 10 (37cm x 86cm x 61cm x 42.5cm)

– UK 12 (38cm x 91cm x 63cm x 45cm)

– UK 14 (39cm x 96.5cm x 63cm x 47.5cm)


Waist x Hips x Length of Pants

– UK 8 (68.6cm x 94cm x 100cm)

– UK 10 (73.7cm x 99.1cm x 100cm)

– UK 12 (78.7cm x 104.1cm x 102cm)

– UK 14 (83.8cm x 109.2cm x 102cm)


Material: Polyester and Spandex mixed Linen

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UK 8, UK 10, UK 12, UK 14