Gemulai Raya

Grace yourself with the luxury you deserve. Gemulai Raya is more than a collection; it’s a celebration of your unique beauty and unwavering self-love. Embrace the elegance, adorn the grace — you are your own masterpiece.

Eid: Naskah Raya

Naskah Raya celebrates the traditional way of greeting ‘raya’. We missed the old times of getting kad raya compared to the modern way of sending e-cards.

Kami rindukan suasana dahulu kala apabila pena bertemu kertas. Ketulusan dapat dirasakan pada setiap ucapan raya.

Old is gold, Naskah Raya brings back the classic memory of Raya. This inspires the collection to remain classic and timeless.

Jelita Gemalai

Jelita Gemalai ; a collection made specially for you because we are all jelita and gemalai but unapologetically strong willed.

Tidak pupus adat  Melayu,
Tiang sendi bersatu padu,
Budi bahasa tersimpul malu,
Adat menyantun tidak layu

Ria Memoir

Ria Memoir celebrates the memory we created while growing up especially when it is balik kampung season.

Playing time was always the most cherished time for us. From playing congkak to galah panjang, jala itik, teng teng and the wan-tu-som that we still play til these days when deciding something with friends and family. Those are the memories that we created and cherished so much.

We hope the new generations will get to experience these traditional games while creating memories with childhood friends and family. After all, memories last forever.

Pada Hari Raya ini, marilah kita ber-Riang Ria!


Eid: Ghaania Gula-gula Raya

Ghaania Gula-gula Raya 2020 was inspired by the good old childhood memories we all had with the sweets and jajan. This year, Ghaania came up with 12 looks that focuses on comfort silhouette, luxurious fabrics and exclusive laces made for Ghaania.