About Us


Each piece in the Ghaania collection is designed to lend an air of poise, gracefulness and elegance to the wearer. “Ghaania”, which means “naturally beautiful”, promises to draw on the purest qualities of every woman to enhance her self-confidence, allure and feminity.

Inspired by the belief that all women should feel fabulous, Ellynur S. and Illi S. decided to share their love and passion for fashion and all things splendid with the world. The siblings had an epiphany of sorts when both were expecting as first-time mothers, and concluded that they wanted to fulfil a lifelong dream of doing what they love by establishing Ghaania. Both sisters had been actively designing at leisure for quite some time and had even managed to amass a store of designs that they hoped would be featured in their dream boutique some day.

Today, that dream has finally taken flight. Ghaania marks the beginning of an ambitious venture by the two young mothers who are immensely hands on with the minute details of their business.

“Each piece represents our labour of love. We draw inspiration from life and the little things that make us happy, and our designs incorporate and reflect those feelings perfectly.”


Coming from a family of three, the sisters are a tight knit duo. Nevertheless, both have varying tastes in fashion. Ellynur gravitates towards pastel hues and girly details with a hint of grunge while Illi prefers to channel her inner rock goddess through neon and striking colours, coupled with distinctive patterns. Their personal influences are evident in the selection of colour schemes and fabrics that embody each piece in the Ghaania collection.

Regardless of their personal styles, the siblings concur that the key features of every design would be comfort and elegance:

“Although we have differing style preferences, we believe in uniting both worlds. The key to doing so is to meet each other half way, and find the right balance when infusing elements from our personal styles. We notice that often, we are capable of producing elegant pieces that are not only made of good quality and durable fabric, but which also evokes feelings of confidence and appeal in the wearer.”


Having invested such great care into the look and feel of the Ghaania collection, both Ellynur and Illi are naturally fastidious about the finer attributes of each item:

“Oftentimes, the trickiest part of the business is to find the right material for a particular design. We have very specific ideas on the type of fabric that will complement a specific motif, and to find the right combination often means making many trips to various textile factories, sometimes over a stretch of days. We also look to fabric stockists from abroad to obtain unique patterns and embellishments that cannot otherwise be found here. This ensures that our designs will always be outstandingly unique.”


The enterprising duo also have exacting standards on the production process of the Ghaania collection. They take it upon themselves to examine each piece in the production line, making sure that there are no faults in the final product:

“We place utmost importance on the satisfaction of our customers and because of that, we take great pains to inspect each and every one of our designs during quality checks. We promise to consistently deliver products of the highest quality to our valued customers because we want them to feel happy about their purchases. Every customer that makes a Ghaania purchase must believe that each Ringgit spent on a Ghaania item is worth it.”


Their creativity and resourcefulness is complemented by an acute business acumen and a keen understanding of their strong suits:

“Although Ghaania is a joint effort, we are firm believers of playing to individual strengths in contributing to Ghaania’s success. Being the more outgoing one, Ellynur will usually take charge of the public relations aspects of Ghaania. I am a self-professed closet geek, and am much more comfortable dealing with technology. As such, I handle all the email queries and order processing issues. Nevertheless, we still believe that two brains are better than one, and will continue drawing on each other’s personal strengths to bring Ghaania to a whole new level.”